Who says you can’t go bold with your make up on your wedding day? This incredible day is all about celebrating you and your gorgeous fiance, so it’s important to be yourself. If you usually love a coloured lip, then go for it. We personally think it’s a beautiful wedding look- as long as you’ve found the perfect shade for you. 

Image Credit: Steve Gerrard Photography

Not sure what lippy to go for? Find the right hue for your skin tone.

Fair Skin Tones – peaches & cream complexion

For pink undertones, go for coral reds since they are not so overpowering. Matte reds with a hint of orange look great too. For yellow undertones, go with a coral or brick red that is slightly warmer.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Medium + Bronze Skin Tones – olive or golden tones

Lucky you! Most shades will work with your colouring… be bold and experiment. Bright apple reds will look especially lovely on you, so have a hunt for true crimsons, cranberry shades, and pink-based reds.

Image Credit: Pinterest

Dark Skin Tones – deeper complexions with cool undertones

Blue-based reds and cool shades will look beautiful with your rich colouring—think fig, dark cherry, and dark plum. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

So come on then…. which hue are you?

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