What Style of Bride are you?

Your wedding day is a chance for you to share something of yourself with your beloved guests. It should say something about you and your partner, it should reflect who you are. But how do you get this across in your Wedding Styling? How do you find your perfect wedding style? And where on earth do you start?

At Weddingly, we match couples to their perfect vendors and help couples find their perfect wedding style. To help you get started we’ve put three mood boards together, for three different styles of Brides. Take a peek below and perhaps one of these styles will suit you for your big day.


The Vintage Bride

Image credits: Sanshine Photography, Artsy Nibs, Nicola Norton Photography, Sharon Cooper Photography.

The popularity of vintage style weddings has most certainly been on the rise over the last few years, with many modern Brides now choosing to reflect on the past for the styling of their special day. So much so, that there are now designated Vintage Stylists that you can hire to perfectly curate the ideal collection of Vintage bits and bobs for your Wedding.

The style is relaxed, playful and whimsical with some retro vintage Brides opting to wear a shorter 50s style dress with a ‘Birdcage Veil.’  Barns and Bunting are popular styling choices for relaxed Vintage Weddings.

The key with this style is in the detail. From pretty vintage crockery, to lace embellishments. This style is about the look and feel of a bygone era- the best way to achieve that is with original or replica products in this style.

The couple needs to rummage and look to artisan sites like Etsy to find creative professionals who can help them achieve this look, or they can get creative themselves with charming DIY touches. This style is perfect for the hands on Bride.


The Botanical Bride

Image credit: Sanshine Photography, Artsy Nibs


The Botanical Bride is a modern and newly emerging Bride. She is looking to create something fresh and elegant, with an abundance of greens and whites.

French Vineyards and rolling Tuscan Hills appeal to this Bride as this style is natural and free. She is a more grown up version of the Boho Bride, opting to blend her natural tendencies with chic sophistication.

The colour palette for these weddings focusses on white and green, which are perfectly complimented by gold or copper accents. These weddings focus on nature appealing to all the senses, with stunning floral arrangements taking centre stage alongside fragrant plants, such as lavender and rosemary filling the air with beautiful, warm, rustic aromas.

When it comes to fashion, the styling here is often simple and clean, naturally flowing or column dresses. But unlike a Boho Bride, she’s likely to wear a gorgeous pair of designer shoes for her big day. It’s all about style and substance here.


The Bright and Bold Bride

Image credits: Sanshine Photography, Sharon Cooper Photography.

This style of Bride is one that is not afraid of colour on her wedding day. In fact, quite the opposite, she’s looking to embrace it!

Inject bursts of colour throughout the day, weave bold hues through the fashion, styling and decorative choices.

This Bride doesn’t feel the need to conform to a traditional white dress, instead they consider a gown of a completely different colour, or choose to add a pop of colour with a bold petticoat or a statement shoe.

This style can still be traditional, but just with a bright and bold twist. Unleash your creativity with a fantastical statement cake and consider decorating the venue with coloured garlands or flower arrangements bursting with a plethora of shades. Flowers are the best way to get across your love of colour.

This Bride is fun, adventurous and looking to fill her day with as much exuberance and joy as possible, so embrace that through the styling.


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