Love the romance and luxury of those old-time piano bars? Bring the ambience of it all to your wedding day, but with a modern twist, with the Pop Up Piano Bar. We sat down with Elliot, one of the Founders behind this charming concept, to find out more about it.

What is the Pop Up Piano Bar and what can you bring to engaged couples’ wedding day? 

“The Pop Up Piano Bar is a really fun concept, based around the old style piano bars of the 1920s and 30s, back when every pub had a piano. We decided to bring the romance of this into the modern day, to weddings and other events. For weddings, every table gets a music menu with over 300 songs to choose from. Guests simply pop a paper slip with a song name into the hat on the piano, for our piano vocalist to perform. The top table gets a special ‘Golden Tickets’, so their choices get priority on the day.

Couples can choose to have one of our piano shells which look fantastic, and house our electric piano or use the piano at the venue if they have one in house.

It’s something a bit different. An interactive and fun experience, a little like a juke box, but live and authentic, with a real piano player!”

 What is your process when working with engaged couples, how does it work? 

“Our process is very simple, yet covers all the detail required to provide the best service on the day, making sure the music is just right for our clients.

On initial booking the client receives a contract and are asked to list down all the details of the day, including timings, location and music preferences. They will then get a call from myself or Tom, the logistics manager, to go through their music choices in detail and how the day works.

On top of our 300-song strong music menu, we’ll take up to 5 new song choices for each couple, including specifically selected tracks for the ceremony and the first dance- if they are having piano for that. Requests can be as far out or as quirky as the couple would like. We are able to turn pretty much anything into a piano or piano and vocal version of their favourite songs.

We then confirm all the details, prepare the song requests, speak to the venue if need be and arrive prepped on the day, to make sure it all runs smoothly.”

Tell us a little about your background in music…

“Personally, I have played piano since the age of 8- so a fair while! I am virtually self taught, playing mainly by ear and grew up with the Beatles and Elton John song books for reference.

My career in music has seen me play keyboards and piano in a number of bands, including an original pop group, a rock n roll band and more recently a soul and rock n roll band, before branching out full time on my solo career. I have toured the UK with my music and have performed at well over 200 weddings and events. I have also played in Europe, touring in Germany, Holland and Denmark amongst others.

Most recently I have been making my debut album, due for release this year. The album is following an EP which saw great success in the UK and was featured on BBC Radio 2.”

What’s your favourite part of the job? 

“Definitely the playing part! I love making music in the studio, but being on stage, seeing people reacting to your music, or being a massive part of someone’s special day is a great feeling. Although often nerve wracking, I do particularly love playing as the Bride walks down the aisle, or for the first dance. These are such special moments- it’s a real buzz.”

Tell us about the album you’re producing…

“I’m very excited about the album, and it has a fair amount of piano on it! It’s a culmination of songs I have been working on since the last EP in 2015 and I am very pleased with the quality of the tracks we have finished so far. Someone has said it has an Alice in Wonderland sound to it, which is pleasing to hear and I am hopeful it will be well received. It’s a journey from darkness to light and I think that will be reflected when people listen to it.

There are some great musicians on there too, including the drummer from Elbow. It’s being produced by the very talented Dave Gerard- a very well respected songwriter and producer.”

What do your prices start from?

“You can book the Pop Up Piano Bar from £400 for your wedding breakfast. We have a variety of packages available on top this though, including instrumental piano for the ceremony and drinks reception, and some great all day packages.”

Click here to find out more information and to get in touch. And for a little preview of what Elliot can do, take a peak at the video below!


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