As part of Alternative Wedding Month, we are so excited to introduce you to talented Buckinghamshire based floristry team, Herbert & Isles. Dedicated to transforming your wedding with truly extraordinary flowers, Herbert & Isles pride themselves on designing floral arrangements that are completely unique to every couple they work with. If you’re looking to step away from the traditional look and feel of wedding flowers, then Sorcha and Charlotte (the gorgeous green fingered gurus behind it all!) can create something remarkable for you. From bouquets and buttonholes, to flower crowns, to epic living structures, their gorgeous gallery of work speaks for itself.

Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about how the Herbert & Isles team work and what engaged couples can expect from their services.

How long has Herbert & Isles been going?

Herbert & Isles turned two at the start of December! Embarking on our third year of business is really exciting and we can’t wait to see what this year brings. New and exciting opportunities are always cropping up, from amazing weddings, to styled photo shoots and events.

Who is the Team made up of?

Sorcha and myself (Charlotte) founded the company. In addition to us, we have a small team of freelancers who come on board if we need some extra support on large weddings or particularly busy weekends! Herbert & Isles has been lucky enough to have worked on over 80 weddings in our two years of business, so a helping hand is key to making sure everything runs smoothly.

Whereabouts are you based and what is your workshop like?

We have a workshop hidden down a country lane in Wooburn Common. We are very secluded and are lucky enough to be surrounded by nature. The peace and quiet is perfect when there’s lots of work to do! Our workshop is located inside an old barn that we share with a master woodcarvers business, so we have lots of creative types around us. We particularly love the workshop’s garden, in which we grow a few flowers that we like to use in our arrangements. We also have plenty of fields around us which are perfect for foraging for foliage. This element adds a very natural dimension to our work.

What style of Brides love your work best?

We naturally attract very laid back couples, who trust us to choose their flowers for them rather than picking their own individual stems. Our couples tend to give us their colour scheme and let us do the rest. This is a wonderful way to work as it means we get to choose what’s most in season. There are always new varieties of flowers cropping up and its great to have free rein over this- it definitely leads to a better selection. Our couples also tend to want the wild and organic look with lots of gorgeous blooms, which suits us well!

What’s your process?

We initially start with a consultation with the couple to talk everything flower-y. We go through colour, design and space, and really get the ideas flowing. We always like to have a quick look at the couple’s venue if we haven’t been there before, to get an idea of the layout. We encourage our couples to bring along any photos or fabric swatches they might have to this meeting, so we can get a good idea of the look and feel they are going for. Following this stage, we create a proposal based on everything we discussed. This initial design outline might change and adapt as time goes on, but it’s a great place to start. From that point right up until the big day, we are always available if the couple has any additional questions or ideas, and are always happy to meet again. We like to have a final consultation about 6 weeks before the wedding day. On the day itself we do everything from delivering the bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquets, to helping pin the gents’ buttonholes in place, to setting up any large scale installations. All in all, we make it our mission to ensure everything looks perfect. We then come back the next morning to clear down large designs and collect any rental items. We love seeing the excited couple as they get ready for their big day, and if we get a chance to see them again the next day it’s even more exciting to hear about how it all went!

What inspires you?

We get inspiration from so many different aspects of our work. Firstly, we love going on flower market trips. You can really see the change of each season reflected in the flowers, and new varieties of blooms are always coming through. We were lucky enough to visit Holland last year, to see their famous flower markets and trade fairs. We saw so many amazing new blooms and visited some incredible florists.
Our couples are also a huge source of inspiration. Meeting them, learning about their story together and seeing their outlook for the day really guides the designs we create for their wedding.
We also use an amazing British grower so we love nothing more than wandering around their garden. They have a huge variety of flowers and foliage that are usually quite hard to come by. From home-grown British dahlias, to unusual sweet peas, their gardens always inspire us to use more and more British blooms. Once you’ve seen what they grow, it’s hard to not want it all!

Prices start from?

All of our weddings are bespoke to our couples, but the cost per wedding tends to start from around £1,000.
Browse more examples of this talented duo’s work below and click here to find out more about Herbet & Isles and how to get in touch with them. 

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