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Award Winning Hertfordshire based Florist and Stylist, Anne Wells from Betty and BearWedding Flowers, gives us her top tips for making your own petal confetti.

This is a lovely weekend project for the Bride or Groom partial to a bit of wedding DIY. Making your own confetti is a lovely idea, not only for you on your big day, but also as a gift for your guests on your wedding day or even to decorate your house.

How to make your own confetti:

  1. Buy some flowers from any local super market or florist (Top Tip: ask your local florist for flowers that are ‘on their way out,’ they wont’ be able to use them and you are likely to snap them up for a bargain. Plus, you will need quite a few, so the more you can gather the better! Colour and style wise, this is up to you. If you just want Rose petals, then just hunt for these. However, feel free to choose different colours, sizes and shapes, once dried it will all look lovely mixed together.
  2. Once chosen, if the flowers are good quality and not wilted too much, feel free to enjoy and display them in your home for a week or so until they start to wilt.
  3. Once they have started to dry up remove all the petals from the stem from the base of the flower and lay them evenly on a baking tray covered in grease proof paper.
  4. Place them in the oven on a very low heat and keep a close eye on them. After a few mins, check back on the petals. It won’t take too long until they are perfectly dried.
  5. Repeat this in batches, until all the petals have been dried.
  6. Once all your petals are dried, store them in an air tight container until the day before you need to use them. This will keep them crisp and bone dry. I often put mine in large glass jars and decorated with a piece of ribbon.
  7. For your big day, you can pop them in a basket for your guests to grab a handful or why not put them in pretty little bags, boxes or cones to make more of a feature out of them. You can even add a personalised sticker or ribbon with them. Leave them on your guests’ chairs, or in a basket at your ceremony, or you could even hand them out as your favours at the venue.

Please note: I haven’t given a specific time for the petals to go in the oven as it will depend on the type of flowers you are using and how dry they already are so do keep watching them regularly. Hover in the kitchen whilst you undertake this task, just to be close to the action!

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