We have something SERIOUSLY cool to share with you today, all thanks to Virtual Weddings.

Emma Beckett, the mastermind behind this amazing company, is revolutionising the way we experience and remember weddings. She is giving you and your loved ones (and anyone who perhaps can’t make it!) the chance to relive your big day again and again, so that you can enjoy every detail for years to come. How, you ask? Well folks, it’s happened. The future is here. Emma and her team of professional filmmakers are bringing Virtual Reality to your wedding.

Essentially, Emma uses 360 cameras to shoot every detail of the day and create a Virtual Reality film that is so much more emotional and immersive than a standard wedding video. You’ll be able to use Virtual Reality headsets (which you’ll be given as part of the package) to go back and not only relive the best day of your life all over again, but perhaps even experience new moments that you missed during the hectic events of the day. This is because with Virtual Reality film you can choose what to watch and which direction you want to look in. Want to stand right next to yourself and watch you and your new spouse say your vows? Want to see your partner’s face when they first saw you at the ceremony? Want to see your parents reactions as you walk down the aisle? This is now a reality.

We were so intrigued by this concept that Emma invited us along to a shoot she was working on, so we could see exactly how it all worked. She had brought together a collection of amazing wedding suppliers, including everyone from cake makers to hair and beauty artists, to stage every element of a wedding. She then worked her magic and created a Virtual Reality film of the event, so that she can show engaged couples (and us!) exactly what Virtual Reality at your wedding looks like.

The shoot took place at Horwood Estate, a breathtaking and charming Mansion in Milton Keynes. Emma and her team of wedding suppliers created the look and feel of a real ceremony, complete with styling, a celebrant, and even a real life couple playing the part of Bride and Groom! The shoot also featured a super cute VW-campervan-come-photobooth, an elegant car and chauffeur from Regency Executive Travel, a beautiful cake by the La Belle Cake company, and so much more.

On the day of the shoot, we were amazed by how it all came together. We thought a Virtual Reality film like this would require a whole team of people with big cameras, something that could be a bit overwhelming on the day and interrupt your wedding. This is not the case. Emma’s work was so discreet. She places cutting edge camera technology at strategic points across the venue, to collect the video data. These cameras are remotely operated, so her small team of two to three professional filmmakers can control them from a discreet position.   

Take a peek at the final video below and a full list of all the amazing vendors who took part. Have a good look around the wedding they created, and get in touch with Virtual Weddings to book a consultation and chat about creating a Virtual Reality film like this for your own special day! 

(If you’re looking at this from your phone, download the YouTube app and click here to watch the film. It works best this way and you’ll be able to have a proper look around!)

Venue: Horwood Estate
Chair covers and sashes: Stardust Events
Styling: Soiree Events
Flowers: Sarah Maylin Flowers
Hair and Make Up: Jenny Buckland
Wedding Dress: Ann’s Bridal Room
Suits: The Vintage Suit Hire Company
Photobooth Van: InstaVanPhotoBooth
Celebrant: Kelly Hawes
Photographer: Andy Warner Photography
Cake: La Belle Cake Company
Car: Regency Executive Travel
360 Camera Technology: SpeedVR

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