There are Brands we dream of. Bags, shoes, fashion we lust over in decadent stores from Brands synonymous with elegance and beauty. Pieces so stunning, and aspirational, it makes us rethink our whole wedding budget. ‘I could have a live band, or I could have this season’s Oxblood leather Mulberry Bayswater?!’

But what if your dream Brands could inspire you? What if you could get to take away a piece of their beauty and brilliance and add it to your very special day? Add a dash of their sparkle power to your big day? With a VIP list that would make your selfie stick quiver, these invitations have to stand out from the crowd, have to say something about the Brand, they have to win the attention of Editors and VIP guests alike, so it comes as no surprise that this very small selection that we have curated, quite literally make us squeal at the thought of receiving one. With infinite budgets and the ability to hire the very best talent, it makes sense that the World’s leading Fashion Brands would create some of the most beautiful invitations that we have ever seen.
Take a golden leaf from this decadent book of wonders and get inspired by how the pros do it. Emulate their style and have a wedding invitation worthy of Louis Vuitton.

The epitome of the Chloe brand, refined femininity and playful elegance. The embossed header keeps it luxe and decadent, whilst the floral opening adds a dash of girlish whimsy. This invitation is so sophisticated and chic, setting a really elegant tone for your big day. This invite may be white but it’s anything but bland.

Oh Mulberry. Be still our beating heart. What is this magical piece of woodland wonder? The box is a strong start, but then to unfold this origami creation to reveal thick tactile paper adorned with foil and white is just a thing of beauty. Also, we love that the theme is woodland and the receiver has to unfold another section to uncover more information, as if they were exploring the forest for themselves.

This invitation is the very essence of Gucci. Gold, glitzy and decadent. It starts with a subtle teasing foil on the white, only then to reveal the dazzling centre. The mirrored gold finish is bold and brash. It’s not a complex design, but it’s elegance is in the refined, neat and tight nature of the rest of the invitation. They’ve kept it simple, few words, letting the invite speak for itself.

OK, technically not a fashion Brand per se, but Harpers Bazaar is a stylish powerhouse in the world of Fashion and luxe lifestyle so we’ve added them to the list. This invite is as functional as it is pretty. Once unfolded, it is the menu for the gala dinner. This could be a great design for an invitation, or even for your menus set out on your tables. We love the simple yet clever design and the deep rich palette, juxtaposed with the crisp white and rose gold foil outer palette. Fancy and fun.

For a brand who iconic piece is their busy monogram, this invitation by Louis Vuitton by all accounts is pretty simple. But it’s also pretty gorgeous. Love the navy and white options, trimmed so elegantly with gold foil. The embossing adds luxury and makes the invitation feel special. It’s feels so french and sophisticated.

This is a modern fresh take on an invitation. Printed on slightly frosted plastic, this invite is cool and stylish. The clean modern font, with the chunky black border adds clean contemporary flare against the burst of florals from the box it was presented in. This invitation is super cool and a delight to unfold. You wouldn’t have to have a box, you could present it in a coloured or patterned envelope, something that looks good as the base underneath the plastic.

So, there you have it, inspiration from quite literally the best! Which invitation did you like best? Were you inspired? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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