The very first toast at your wedding is an important moment, so here are the best Champagnes to Toast with…

It is the first time that you and your spouse will be toasted as a married couple and it’s often given by the Father of the Bride or the Best Man, so it symbolises a very special part of your wedding day.

Therefore, it deserves a tipple worthy of this momentous occasion. If you were looking for a bottle of something a little more special, then take a peek below at our Top 5 luxury champagnes to toast the happy couple.

We caught up with the wonderful Roberto at Tomoka Spirit Boutique, in St Albans, Hertfordshire to get his expert opinion. If you are looking for something special to drink or looking to gift a bottle of something, then we highly recommend paying a visit to Roberto at Tomoka. He is a font of knowledge and can offer you wonderful advice to suit your needs and budget. He is our Champagne and Spirit Sommelier and this piece was a pleasure to investigate 😉

But for now, let’s get back to the bubbles…

At number 5. Ayala NV, £29.95

Weddingly Best Champagnes to Toast With
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“This is a light and delicate champagne with citrus and floral undertones. It is extremely good value for money and is proudly served as the House Champagne at all of Gordan Ramsay’s Restaurants. As the sister company of Bollinger Champagne, Ayala is located in the village of Ay, an area renowned for its Pinot Noir grapes.”

4. ‘R’ from Ruinart NV, £43.50  

Weedingly Best Champagnes to Toast With
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“From the oldest champagne house in the world, this chardonnay driven champagne is a must try with lovely biscuity notes and fantastic mousse bubbles. And, if this one isn’t for you, Ruinart do a few other beautiful bottles to choose from. It’s a name worth remembering.”

3. Billecart-Salmon Rose, £59.95

Weddingly Best Champagnes to Toast With
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“In our mind, this is the best Rose Champagne money can buy. 8% Pinot Noir which has been unified as a wine, then blended in. If you are a Laurent Perrier Rose fan then please do try this and compare the two.”

2. Billecart-Salmon Sous Bois, £62.50

Weddingly Best Champagnes to Toast With

“Unified in a traditional oak vat rather than the more commonly used stainless steel vats, this champagne has a rich, creamy texture and a lot of complexity. A Champagne that can be easily compared to a Krug, but costs half the price.”

1. Dom Perignon Enoteque 1996, £270.00

Weddingly Best Champagnes to Toast With
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“This is perhaps the pinnacle of all Champagnes. A top of the range Dom Perignon expression from one of the best vintages ever, this is, quite literally, one of the best champagnes money can buy. In addition, you can, of course, go up from here into older Vintages etc, but you may need to rethink your budget ?”

Tomoka Spirit Boutique, Christopher Place, St Albans AL3 5DQ


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