Creating your wedding table plan is a crucial task, but it can be a complicated one. With so many personalities to cater for, how do you make sure everyone will get along and have a good time? It might be tempting to ditch a table plan altogether and to let everyone choose their own seat, but this could lead to chaos on the big day.

So, set an evening aside and pour yourself  and your fiance a large glass of vino. You can nail your wedding table plan in one night using our step-by-step guide.

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Planning the top table can sometimes be a little political. Those you’re closest to might take it personally if they’re not seated near you, or if they haven’t made it to the top table at all. Plus, anyone who’s contributed financially to your wedding might be expecting a certain seat. But remember, with so many loved ones in your life, it’s impossible to please everyone. It’s your wedding day, so do what feels right for you. If you want to go traditional, seat your parents immediately next to you and go from there. If you’d prefer your Maid of Honour and Best Man to take those seats, or your closest friends, then that’s fine too! Just be sure to speak to anyone who might be expecting a different seat ahead of the big day, to gently let them know of the seating arrangements.

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Once you’ve carefully planned the top table, it’s time to organise the rest of your guests. Firstly, we’d recommend organising your guests into groups based on how you know them. For example, extended family, school friends, work colleagues, etc. This is an easy way to seat guests who know and are fond of each other. You’ll likely find this step takes care of quite a large chunk of the guest list.

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For those guests that don’t fit in easily with the groups you’ve made, try seating them based on their personalities and potential conversation topics. You might adore your Uncle Philip and your dear childhood friend equally, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll have a huge amount to talk about. Avoid awkward silences by carefully considering areas your guests might have in common, and we promise everyone will have a fabulous time.

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No one wants to be shunned to the dreaded singles table, just because they don’t have a partner. It can be quite obvious and a little insulting to guests when they’re placed at a table like this. If you have a handful of guests who are coming to your wedding alone, and who are unlikely to know a lot of people, slot them in with guests who are of a similar age or who likely have something in common. By the time everyone’s ready to hit the dance floor, your single guests will have made some good friends to enjoy the night with.


By now, the majority of your guests should have their place in your seating plan. For the final step, sense-check your plan just in-case there are any special considerations you might have to make. For example, make sure you haven’t forgotten to seat anyone’s plus one. Also have a think about any arguments or tension between guests that could cause issues on the day. If there’s a long-standing family feud between your aunties, or if your two best friends from uni always hated each other, it’s best they’re not seated next to one another.

And there you have it- your table plan! It might need a little tweaking here and there until it’s completely perfect, but you’ve done the hard part. Well done you. Now on to those pretty place cards…

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