Brides, look away, bridesmaids- this one’s for you.

When your bestie first asked you to be her Maid of Honour, you were over the moon. You couldn’t wait to be such an important part of her big day, and immediately set up a shared Pinterest board for all your wedding planning ideas and inspiration. Fast-forward a few months, and the stress of planning the perfect Hen Do has you pulling your hair out. Don’t worry, we’ve been there.

Planning a Hen Do is HARD. There’s just no way around it. You desperately want it to be perfect for your best friend, but with 12 hens to cater to, each with different expectations, budgets and schedules, it can be tricky enough to nail down a date, let alone set up any kind of concrete plans.

We thought we’d try to help you out by putting together a dream agenda for a Hen Do weekend away. Now, we know that every bride is different, but if yours is a girls-girl who loves a little bit of luxury, this is the perfect plan for her.

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Whisk the bride away to a big house somewhere in the UK for a couple of nights, either in the beautiful countryside or in a pretty city, like Bath, York or Cambridge. We know a couple of the hens might be on a budget, but a trip like this needn’t break the bank. A manor house might seem pricey at first, but once you’ve split the cost between everyone, you’ll quickly see just how much bang each Hen can get for her buck. It pays to do your research here, you can find some amazing bargains on AirBnB. You can also encourage the Hens to car-pool to reduce travel expenses, and organise a big food shop before you go, to get all the basics in.

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The Bride and her Hen’s Arrive

Make sure you arrive an hour or two early to set up. A few fun decorations that are personal to the bride and her spouse-to-be are a great way to make the her feel special from the moment she arrives. This weekend it’s all about the bride, so make sure she knows it. Speak to her friends and family ahead of time and ask them to send you their favourite and most hilarious photos of the bride, for you to stick up around the house. Etsy is a great place to shop around for Hen Party decorations, too. From photobooth props, to bunting and banners, to personalised balloons, you’ll find everything you could possibly need.

Make sure you’ve got some prosecco chilled and ready for everyone’s arrival. The idea is to make everyone feel relaxed and excited from the moment they arrive.

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Pyjama Party

Make the first night a chilled one, you’ve got a busy couple of days ahead. Make sure everyone is told to bring a pair of comfy pyjamas for them to change into once their settled. If you really want to surprise the bride, you could have some personalised with her future married name. When everyone’s changed, round them all up for a night of pizza, prosecco and party games. There are so many hilarious Hen Party games out there that will have you all weeping with laughter. Some of our favourites include…

  • Pin the 6-pack or moustache on the groom, a personalised take on pin the tail on the donkey
  • Who can make the best wedding dress out of toilet paper, a fast-paced competitive game for teams of two
  • Mr and Mrs, this involves you interviewing the groom beforehand and seeing if the bride can guess his answers
  • Bra pong, yes, this is beer pong but with bras pinned to a board
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Morning Activity

Once everyone’s up and dressed, it’s time for the activities to commence. If you’re in the country, start the day off easy with a nice relaxing walk in the fresh air. Do a bit of planning a find a nearby country pub, then plan your route so you finish up there. If you’re staying in a city, then kick off the day with a bit of shopping!


Find somewhere you can all enjoy a nice long lunch. If there’s a big group of you, you might be able to speak to the restaurant ahead of time and get a good deal on a set menu. Of course, be sure to order a couple of bottles of wine to the table, this is a celebration after all.

Beauty Treatments

What girl doesn’t love to be pampered? Find a local spa, or better yet, find a beauty therapist who can come to the house! From mani-pedis to mini massages, a beauty treatment will have everyone feeling relaxed and gorgeous. Plus, another glass of bubbly wouldn’t hurt…

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Personal Chef

Tonight is the main event, so make it memorable. You can find some amazing chef’s who come out to people’s homes to prepare them a sensational meal in their own kitchen. Book a chef who specialises in the bride’s favourite cuisine for a meal that will be truly memorable.


Now that everyone’s fed, it’s time to let the real fun begin. Get ready for a night out on the town, or, if you’re out in the countryside somewhere, hire a hot tub for the evening! Create a playlist of the bride’s favourite music, and whether you’re going out or staying in, get ready to dance the night away.

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After a late night on Saturday, let the Hens have a little lie in then round off the weekend with a big breakfast before everyone starts to pack up.

And there you have it! The perfect Hen Do weekend away.

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