Wedding Fairs are an amazing source of information, suppliers and inspiration, and, of course, you can get some great deals too!  So, how to get the most out of them?  Here are our top tips and tricks:

#1 Be prepared

Know what you are looking for and be ready to take advantage of special offers.  Lots of vendors exhibiting at Wedding Fairs will offer discounts for purchases or for appointments booked on the day, so this is a great opportunity for you to get a little more “bang for your buck”.

#2 Turn up early  

Plan to arrive just as the Wedding Fair opens it’s doors. You’ll find it won’t get busy until a little later on, which means you can have a proper chat with the vendors, without other couples vying for their time. Everything will look fresh and beautiful, and you’ll be able to relax as you mooch around with your bridal possy.

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#3 Be open about what you want 

Be careful to explain to each vendor exactly what you’re looking to get out of their services. You don’t want to waste valuable time, or worse put a deposit down, only to find out later down the line that their vision or style doesn’t match yours. If a particular vendor isn’t what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask their opinion anyway! You’ll be standing in a room filled with wedding experts, so take advantage of their knowledge and connections.   

#4 Wear layers and stay hydrated

Wedding Fairs can get very hot, very fast. With so many bodies in one room at the same time, light layers will give you the flexibility to strip off and cool down. Many venues offer a glass of bubbly on arrival, so having a bottle of water in your bag is a great way to keep fresh and hydrated.

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#5 Bring a snack

Most wedding fairs take place from around 11 am to 3 pm -right over lunch!  If you are planning on hitting more than one wedding fair in a day (which may mean more travelling) bring some food with you to eat on the go. You might get the odd canapé at a Wedding Fair, but that’s hardly enough to stave off the lunchtime hunger!  

#6 Wear comfortable shoes

Four inch heels may be your go-to on a night out but trust me, a pair of comfy shoes is a much better choice when attending a Wedding Fair. It can be quite a long and tiring day, so be sure to look up where the Wedding Fair is located and how far away from the nearest train station or car park it is, so you can plan accordingly.

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#7 Find out who will be there

A lot of Wedding Fairs will post a list of all the vendors who are exhibiting beforehand. It’s worth having a look and doing a little research into each of them, so you can target your favourites when you arrive. This will give you more time to spend chatting and possibly even negotiating a good price with the best vendors for your wedding.

#8 Give your details

Most Wedding Fairs will ask for your details on arrival. Don’t disregard this, many vendors will have excellent deals available for the couples they meet at wedding fairs. If you provide your contact details, you’ll most likely receive some really useful information even when the Fair is over. We recommend all our couples set up their own wedding email address – that way you don’t get wedding vendors taking over your personal/ work emails. It’s a great way to get organised!

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#9 Above all, enjoy yourself!

Wedding Fairs will come in very handy during the wedding planning process. Not only will is it a great place to get lots of ideas and inspiration, but it’s also the easiest way to get a real idea of how much your vendors are going to cost. But, don’t get disheartened if you don’t find everything you need from attending just one Wedding Fair. Your perfect vendors are out there, you just need to find the right ones – and that’s where Weddingly can help!

Good luck!

We would love to know your experiences with Wedding Fairs, leave us a comment below.

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